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AHCA: Assisted Living Facility – Florida


  • rules regarding COVID-19 screening requirements are available on the Agency’s COVID-19 Facility Information Page. For questions or additional information regarding emergency rules, please contact Kim Stewart at Kimberly.Stewart@ahca.myflorida.com.
  • requires all licensees providing residential or inpatient services to use an Agency approved database for reporting its emergency status, planning or operations. The Agency approved database for reporting this information is the Emergency Status System (ESS).

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  • https://ahca.myflorida.com/MCHQ/Field_Ops/…

    Agency for Health Care Administration ASPEN: Regulation Set (RS) Printed 10/07/2021 Page 3 of 174 Aspen State Regulation Set: A 4.16 ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY mental health license in which a mental health resident is living. The agreement must specify directions for accessing emergency and after-hours care for the mental health resident.

    AHCA: Assisted Living Unit – Florida


    • COVID-19 screening requirements are available on the Agency’s COVID-19 Facility Information Page.

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    Elder Affairs (DOEA) relating to assisted living facilities, hospices, adult day care centers, and adult family care homes to the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). This bill becomes effective July 1, 2019. Assisted living regulations were most recently revised in 2018 to implement changes from the 2015 legislative session. Effective

    Florida Assisted Living Laws – Food & Care Standards


    The AHCA, Senate’s Health Regulation committee, and Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committees have recently received pressure to enforce stricter Florida assisted living laws. This controversy surfaced after evidence showed that neglect and abuse cases in ALFs have double since 2005.

    AHCA: Health Quality Assurance – Florida


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    Nov 01, 2021

     · Assisted Living Facility (includes ALF, ECC, LNS, and LMH …



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     · State of Florida; Department of State; Under Florida law, E-mail addresses are …

    https://ahca.myflorida.com/MCHQ/Health_Facility… · Web view

    INSTRUCTIONS TO LICENSED HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS:. After completion of all items in Sections 1 and 2 (pages . 1 – 3), return this form to the facility at the address indicated above.

    Residential Group Care | Florida Department of Health


    The Department of Health (DOH) inspects any DCF or AHCA licensed residential group care facility listed above using Chapter 64E-12, Florida Administrative Code. These DOH group care environmental health inspections are conducted once annually by environmental health field staff from the local county health department (CHD).

    58A-5.0191 : Staff Training Requirements and Competency …


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     · The purpose of the proposed rule is to implement changes to the assisted living