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AHCA: Assisted Living Facility – Florida


  • Emergency rules regarding COVID-19 screening requirements are available on the Agency’s COVID-19 Facility Information Page. For questions or additional information regarding emergency rules, please contact Kim Stewart at Kimberly.Stewart@ahca.myflorida.com.
  • Administration (Agency) requires all licensees providing residential or inpatient services to use an Agency approved database for reporting its emergency status, planning or operations. The Agency approved database for reporting this information is the Emergency Status System (ESS).

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     · State of Florida; Department of State; Under Florida law, E-mail addresses are …

    Learn about Florida’s Assisted Living Regulations


    The State of Florida, like all states, has it’s own unique set of regulations, rules and standards that provide a backbone for ensuring quality and safety to the residents who reside in the thousands of assisted living facilities here.. There is also a specific department, or governing body, that oversees and regulates assisted living in Florida – The Agency for Health Care …


    FL-1 Compendium of Residential Care and Assisted Living Regulations and Policy: 2015 Edition. FLORIDA . Licensure Terms . Assisted Living Facilities . General Approach . The state views assisted living facilities (ALFs) as an important part of the continuum of its long-term care system, to be operated and regulated as residential

    Florida Assisted Living Facilities, Regulation and Statutes


    Florida Assisted Living. Assisted Living Facilities (Health Facilities Database) Agency for Health Care Administration. Assisted Living Facilities (Regulation of) Florida Regulated Industries Guide. "Assisted Living Facilities Act" (Florida Statutes, Chapter 400) "Assisted Living Facilities Act".


    Agency for Health Care Administration ASPEN: Regulation Set (RS) Printed 10/07/2021 Page 1 of 174 Aspen State Regulation Set: A 4.16 ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY Title Initial Comments Type Memo Tag ST – A0000 – Initial Comments

    Assisted Living in Florida | AssistedLiving.org


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     · Assisted Living Laws and Regulations in Florida Assisted living facilities in the …

    Florida Assisted Living Association – State Assisted …


    FALA’s Regulatory Support Services provides actionable, expert information and consultation to members regarding regulations affecting assisted living facilities. The Association’s support is aimed at easing the complexity of operating an assisted living facility in the state of Florida.

    file.cop.ufl.edu/ce/consultwb/2015workbook/CHAPTER 7.pdf

    assisted living, such as residential care, personal care, basic care, domiciliary care, housing with services, and board and care. ECC, LNS and LMH – this type of license is required if the facility will offer 1 or more of the following