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Ghost Towns in Oregon | Visit the Deserted & the Abandoned


Road Trips to Oregon’s Past. Road Trip: Wasco, Moro and Maupin. Moro , Central Oregon. Central Oregon’s Old School Charms. Oregon Ghost Towns: Boyd, Dufur and Friend. Neskowin Ghost Forest. A Road Trip Back in Time.

Oregon Ghost Towns | Visit Oregon


Sep 28, 2021

 · Find historical adventure in Oregonian ghost towns! 1. Golden Ghost Town in Southern Oregon. Golden is one of those ghost towns that sprouted and thrived during the… 2. Buncom Ghost Town in Southern Oregon. Buncom is a ghost town located in Jackson County in the southern Oregon… 3. Shaniko Ghost …

Ghost Towns of Central Oregon | Local News | Bend | The …


Jun 02, 2021

 · C entral Oregon’s population has grown massively in the last three decades, transforming Bend from a small lumber town into one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Its humble beginnings and quick growth contrasts the numerous settlements that formed concurrently near the turn of the century, but became abandoned over the years—some still standing as ghost towns

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 · CO. CL. According to several historians, the U.S. state of Oregon contains over 200 ghost

5 Must-See Ghost Towns in Oregon – Drivin’ & Vibin’


Oct 11, 2020

 · In a single decade, the town of Shaniko in north central Oregon, went from the “Wool Capital of the World” to the liveliest ghost town in the state. Gaining in popularity due to the railroad, its population of 600 people in 1910 began declining rapidly when a competitor began building a new railroad line along the Deschutes River Canyon to Bend.

6 Oregon Ghost Towns with Eerie, Wild West Vibes


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    • Sumpter Ghost Town in Baker County
      A mining boom town in Baker County around the turn of the 20 century, Sumpter is one of the best examples of Old West…
      Granite Ghost Town in Grant County
      The historic town of Granite lies just 15 miles north of Sumpter, in the ghost town-dotted Blue Mountains region of…
      Shaniko Ghost Town in Wasco County
      Another tourist-friendly ghost town in Oregon is Shaniko, located on the plains of North-Central Oregon’s Wasco County.
  • 14 Spine-Chilling Ghost Towns in Oregon – Flavorverse


      1. Auburn, Baker County. A few obliterated gravestones in an unkempt cemetery are all that remains …
      2. Shaniko, Wasco County. The seed for Shaniko, originally called Cross Hollows, was planted when …
      3. Antelope, Wasco County. The town got its name from its history of the numerous antelope grazing …
      4. Bridal Veil, Multnomah County. Bridal Veil of Multnomah County was founded in 1886 as a boom …
      5. Idiotville, Tillamook County. Twenty years of four devastating forest fires between 1933 and 1951 …
      6. Greenhorn, Baker and Grant Counties. The history of this town is as peculiar as the way it attained …
      7. Golden, Josephine County. Golden, Josephine County is a long abandoned town in Coyote Creek …
      8. Blitzen, Harney County. Named after the Donner und Blitzen River, the now- abandoned ghost …
      9. Shedd, Linn County. The town of Boston, which moved west and relocated to become Shedd, is …
      10. Sumpter, Baker County. Sumpter happened to be a gold-mining boom town in 1899. After the …
  • Visit These 10 Creepy Ghost Towns In Oregon At Your Own Risk


    Feb 19, 2021

     · What are some scary places in Oregon? Oregon is a state full of spooks, specters and ghosts! Some creepy places of note include the Lafayette Cemetery, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman convicted of witchcraft. She cursed the town of Lafayette, saying that it would burn down three times – it has burned down twice.

    Ghost Towns of Oregon


    Ghosttowns.com-the best source of information on ghost towns in the U.S. Ghost towns are listed by state & include biographies, pictures, and other detailed ghost town info. Ghost Towns of Oregon Ghosttowns.com Presents:

    The Ultimate Oregon Ghost Town Road Trip


    Jun 19, 2016

     · Cornucopia. flickr/ Baker County Tourism. After passing through Baker City (which is a great place to stop for lunch, shopping, and/or to stay the night), the last stop on this trip will take you to Cornucopia. This historic ghost town was platted during the gold rush in the 1880s.