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Customer success story with Cendyn‘s eProposal. The team at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai deal with four different avenues for sales; corporate segments, local agents, the international market, and the global sales office. With just two people responsible for responding to these requests, resources are tight, so efficiencies are a must. Read more

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Cendyn | Hotel CRM, Revenue Management, and Sales

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eProposal Settings – stored content. eProposal Step 1 – create new or edit existing draft. eProposal Settings – general settings. ePLite – Step 1 – compose. ePLite – Step 2 – Links and Attachments. ePLite – Step 3 – Room Block. ePLite – Step 4 – Event Block.

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(The first time you use the button, you’ll have to enter your eProposal login credentials; you won’t have to log in subsequently unless you log out or get timed out of eProposal.) eProposal will automatically open the proposal generated for the block.

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Basic Search. Choose either the eProposal or eCard tab depending on what you are searching for. Select a filter or All from the Currently Viewing drop-down list. (By default, the Prospect filter will be in use.) Enter keywords in the search box and select Search. Your search results will appear in a new tab called Search Results.

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By default, the Activity log displays only eProposals/eCards with a Prospect status, which is the default status assigned to newly created eProposals/eCards. Choose a category from the list to only view eProposals or eCards with that status, including those that have been archived. For more information on archiving, see Status. eProposal