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Funeral Home signs (top of page, beginning with GC16100) Cemetery and mausoleum signs (middle of page, beginning with GC16200) Memorial wall plaques (near bottom of page, beginning with GC16500) Military Memorial Plaques (bottom of page, beginning …


NC Designates a National Cemetery sign. 07 Two digit numbers identify a particular sign type..01 The two digit number following the period identifies a specific sign size within the sign type. A The letter designates a specific sign configuration, version and/or layout for graphics. m1 The letter and number designates the post family and style.

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Trigard Memorials’ fully custom monuments and signage options provide an elegant look and clear direction for your cemetery or memorial park. Available in your choice of material and up to 8 feet in size. Let us help you match your current way finding or create all new designs for you. View Brochure. Call (800) 798-4900 to get started on your next project.

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While black is the obvious choice of colour for most cemetery signs consideration should also be given to framing cemetery signs in either oak or steel but painted dark green. When specifying new signs for a cemetery consideration should be given to the main entrance, the level of detail and site plans provided within the car park and finger posts. Fingerposts within a cemetery or crematoria can be useful to …

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For more than 20 years, thousands of Corporations and Organizations, Businesses, Institutions, Government Agencies, and the Military called OutdoorDisplayCases.com to buy all-weather frames, sign holders, display cases, message centers, and information boards, for their posters, signage, directories, maps, notices, restaurant menus, and other advertising and marketing projects.

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Based in Indianola, Nebraska, Windy Prairie Systems, Inc. has partnered with communities in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas. Our organization is committed to the continual development of new products for the cemetery and memorial marketplace. Computer technology utilized in our TouchScreen …