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What information does CleverTap store about a user?

Identifiers: Each user profile is given a unique CleverTap ID. You can also add other identifiers to recognize the user including email, phone number, Facebook ID, or your own custom identifier. Properties: This is information stored about the user such as age, gender, device, and location.

How do I access my CleverTap demo account?

To access your CleverTap demo account: Log in to your CleverTap account. Click on your account name on the top left corner of the CleverTap dashboard. Click the Demo – Ecommerce button. Once logged into the demo account, analyze, and solve the cart abandonment issue.

How do I log in to CleverTap using SSO?

Once your SSO is setup, you can log in to CleverTap using the login with the SSO option. Once you click on Continue, you will be redirected to your IdP login page. Once you log in from the IdP, you will be redirected back to your CleverTap dashboard.

How does CleverTap track user unsubscribes?

A service provider tracks any user unsubscribes using the unsubscription link in your email. The service provider then sends this information to CleverTap through the callback URL.