nycaps self service login

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What is employee self service (ESS) in nycaps?

Each employee gets a private ID comprising of seven digits, and through this, they can handle their account in the employee self-service by NYCAPS. The full form of the word ESS is Employee Self Service. It is a self-service program and a widely used technology specializing in human resources.

Where can I Find my user ID at nycaps ESS?

New user at Nycaps ESS? Your user ID will be your Employee ID (a seven digit number) given by the agency that can also be found on your paystub.

How do I Reset my Password in nycaps?

Here are the steps for resetting password: 1 Visit the login page as mentioned above 2 Select the ‘forgotten password’ option and read the instructions 3 Answer security questions with accuracy. In case you are not sure about the answers, report the problem to NYCAPS… More …