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Who is the CEO of National Pen Company?

Thank you National Pen Company CEO Peter Kelly for making it known that your customers do matter. Thank you, Dr. Jackson, Superintendent ” “ Horrible customer service. Incompetent and unprofessional !!!!!!

Why choose National Pen Company UK for your promotional products?

It’s our goal at National Pen Company UK to get your promotional products and pens into the hands of as many people as possible, so we keep the prices low. Take our value pens, for example. They’re budget-friendly, but are of impressive quality, plus, we take the time and care to make your brand name or logo look like a million bucks.

How much does it cost to use National Pen?

National Pen sent me a mailer with a pen that has my company on it. I went on the website to check prices and see any hidden fees. After I saw they charge $20 for shipping and $20 for a setup fee I decided that was more than I wanted to pay for some pens so I exited the website.

How can I contact pens customer service?

Please send us an email to with the order information so that we can better assist, as we do value your support. We patiently await your response. Do not use this company.