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How to check Microsoft subscription?

  • Sign in to the Azure portal ( with your Microsoft 365 Azure AD DC admin, or Global admin account.
  • In the left navigation, click Subscriptions, and then click Add.
  • On the Add subscription page, select an offer and complete the payment information and agreement.

Is a Microsoft Office subscription worth it?

Office is also a stellar option for always-offline machines, and for some, it could be more cost-effective than a Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft Office has one obvious perk—you buy the software once and own it forever.

How do I Activate my Microsoft 365 personal subscription?

  • Manage your Microsoft account, update your password, set additional security settings, and update your billing information
  • View all Microsoft products, including other Office products, that are associated with this account
  • Install or reinstall Office on your device

How do I sign up to a Microsoft account?

Sign in, sign up, sign out and add a new account

  • Sign in to Teams for the first time with an existing Microsoft account
  • Sign up for Teams if you don’t have a Microsoft account
  • Add a personal account from within your Teams app
  • Switch between your accounts in Teams. Open the Teams app. Tap your profile picture or More . Under Accounts and Orgs, Tap on your personal account.