md unemployment debit card login

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How to contact Maryland unemployment?

Contact Information – Unemployment Insurance. Claimants may file initial claims for unemployment benefits via Maryland’s Division of Unemployment Insurance BEACON 2.0 System or by telephone at 667-207-6520. We cannot accept claims by email. The Division of Unemployment Insurance offers a number of ways to ask questions and obtain more …

How long to get your unemployment debit card?

Unemployment benefits are paid to a debit card provided by the state’s vendor, Conduent. The card will be issued to you at the time your first eligible week processes. It normally takes between 10-14 days to receive the card. Do not throw the debit card away. You have two (2) options to receive payments.

How to check the balance on an unemployment debit card?

  • Visit the online activation page. Your initial username for online activation is the last 6 digits of your DUA debit card number.
  • When prompted, create a 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to use at ATMs
  • Sign the back of your card as soon as you activate it
  • Your debit card is valid for 3 years after activation. …

Can dependents receive unemployment benefits in MD?

Dependents can usually receive unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, provided they meet the caveats that state unemployment agencies require of anyone filing. During the coronavirus pandemic, federal legislation has made UI requirements for dependents, particularly college students, a little less strict than they usually are.