login to windows domain from mac

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How do I log in to a domain from a Mac?

Once bound to domain, make sure you check "Allow network users to log in at login window" and in the Directory Utility you must check the box to allow Mobile Accounts to be able to log in using a domain user on a Mac.

How do I bind a Mac to a Windows domain?

If you want to share files or peripheral devices between Windows and Mac computers, you can bind your Mac to a Windows domain. This is not a difficult procedure if you approach it systematically. Essentially, you need to configure your system so Active Directory accepts the IP address of your Mac.

What is the domain and computer ID for a Mac?

For this example the domain is hq.test.us and the computer ID is Mac. The computer ID is the computer name that will show up in Active Directory once the Mac is joined to the domain. Click the arrow to Show Advanced Options .

How do I connect my Mac to Active Directory domain services?

Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) needs to be configured on all computers connected to the domain to manage authentication. The Mac that is to be connected needs to be running Mac OS X 10.5 or a newer version of the operating system. A Domain Administrator-level account is required to join the Mac to Active Directory.