login failed for user nt service ssisscaleoutmaster140

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Where can I find the SSIS scaleoutmaster service log?

The scale out service log is located at the C:\Users\SSISScaleOutMaster140\AppData\Local\SSIS\Cluster\Master and we can also get the master heartbeat log at the C:\Users\SSISScaleOutMaster140\AppData\Local\SSIS\ScaleOut\Master location. We can also get the ScaleOutMaster properties using the below view.

How do I Fix my SSMS login error?

My error was fixed by creating a new login in ssms, with the name the error gave me. In your case it would be ‘NT Service\MSSQLServerOLAPService’ You then need to check ‘db_datareader’ and the ‘db_datawriter’ in that new login’s properties on the ‘User Mappings’ page.

How does the scale out master manage scale out system?

We have seen in the previous tip that the Scale Out Master manages the Scale Out system through the SSISDB catalog and the Scale Out Master service.

Where can I find the task log for a scale out worker?

TasksRootFolder: The task log is created under the C:\Users\SSISScaleOutWorker140\AppData\Local\SSIS\ScaleOut\Tasks. If we have changed the service account for the worker service, it will be created under the respective account folder. TaskLogLevel: The task log level of the Scale Out Worker.