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How do you set up webmail in Bluehost?

  • Account Name: Anything you would like to name this account.
  • Your Name: The name that people will see when you send them an email from this account.
  • Incoming Mail Server: mail.example.com Note: Replace example.com with your domain.
  • Account Type: Choose IMAP4 (recommended) or POP3
  • User Name: Enter the email address for the account you are setting up.

Does Bluehost offer free webmail access?

Bluehost offers free email hosting with its shared hosting plans and lets you create up to five professional business email addresses. Most shared hosting plans by Bluehost also come with a free 30-day trial to Microsoft Email. Below, we’ll teach how to set up your Bluehost free email with your domain extension.

How to set up your Bluehost webmail email account?

  • You will be prompted to add your free Bluehost email with a domain extension. …
  • Add the full email address with your domain extension in the username box. …
  • In the Port section (POP Server), choose 995, and check the “Always use a secure connection” box. …
  • Click “Add Account.”

How to sign up with Bluehost?

Bluehost Homepage. The first step is to visit Bluehost to get started in signing up with Bluehost. To receive a discount and a free domain name click here to be taken to Bluehost. You will see the green get started now button. Click on the button to continue to the next step.